#rsrh American Crossroads releases “Two-For-Flinching” anti-Obama ad.

Well… they called it “Replay,” but that’s because American Crossroads has more essential couth than I do.

For those without video, it’s all about the infamous, Did-he-really-say-that?, Dear-God-he-really-said-that, Kinsley gaffe of a “You didn’t build that” comment that is harshing the Lightworker’s mellow.  Apparently President Obama’s not very used to having people actually call him out on stupid things that he’s said, and Obama’s being ever-so-aggrieved about it as a coping mechanism.  And I would like to wish the President… good luck with that.

No, really.  Wait: I’ll even make that wish using the legendary traditions (and symbolism) of the peoples of Hawaii.  I’m doing it right at this moment, in fact*…

Moe Lane

*Don’t try this trick at home, kids!

9 thoughts on “#rsrh American Crossroads releases “Two-For-Flinching” anti-Obama ad.”

  1. The right is misplaying it’s hand here, IMHO. “You didn’t build that” was CLEARLY (to me anyway) a reference to the roads and bridges. I thought so the very first time I heard it. Fair-minded people will eventually grant the president this. In the meantime, the president gave a speech that says: “I don’t believe that the American Spirit is the root cause of America’s success. The behaviors of government that the founders deplored is.” IMHO, video of that speech that skips the controversial piece entirely could be equally devastating, and beyond the possibility of being dismissed as distortion. Just my .02. (DISCLAIMER: I felt the same way about “I was for it before I was against it.” I thought Kerry was right to support the earlier language of that bill, and right to reject the later version. Therefore, I probably just suck at politics.)

    1. NSBS: If I’ve discovered anything in this gig, it’s that you never always know what’s going to resonate, and what won’t. You may be right; you may be wrong.

  2. “Sometimes you’ve earned enough money.”

    “It’s better when you spread the wealth around.”

    Various comments about “paying their fair share”.

    All of those comments tally quite nicely with “you didn’t build that”.

  3. I picture Obama saying “Don’t make me pull this country over, kids! Settle down!” .. like the harried dad on a road trip. Kinda pathetic.


  4. NotSoBlueStater: If he was referring to ‘roads and bridges’ (plural), he should have said ‘you didn’t build those’ (plural). Instead it’s clear that when he said ‘you didn’t build that’ (singular), he was referring to ‘business’ (singular).

    Unless The One has decided he’s transcended grammar now.

  5. We may get to hear Obama’s “What is wrong with you people?” speech BEFORE November 7th!

  6. Moe: I hear you. This is definitely resonating with people. It’s just weird that with the right being on the right side of some many things economic, that the fatal blow might be a slip of the tongue. Feels sort of “fake but accurate”. Finrod: He stumbles EVERY time he turns away from the TPOTUS. I had the good fortune of hearing the speech at the very outset of the outrage, and I honestly think Obama and Co. are telling the truth about that one passage.

  7. NotSoBlue Stater: The problem with your hypothesis goes beyond even the basic grammatical construction of “that” vs. “those” which negates it.

    Look at the preceding paragraph in which he so snidely dismisses all those small business owners who think they work harder and are smarter than everyone else. His “you didn’t build that” comment follows on his dismissal of business owners and is clearly a continuation of that thought to even the most casual listener.

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