RS Interview: Rep. Cliff Stearns (R CAND, FL-03 PRI).

This is a slightly complicated one: I have two different interviews for the FL-03 GOP primary, and I don’t want to appear to play favorites, so I’m just going to do them both and let the readers decide.  This one is of Rep. Cliff Stearns, who has switched over from the old FL-06 district to run in the new FL-03.

His campaign site is here.

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One thought on “RS Interview: Rep. Cliff Stearns (R CAND, FL-03 PRI).”

  1. Cliff Stearns is under FBI investigation for attempted bribery of a GOP opponent, James Jett. The FBI recorded offers from Stearns through two intermediaries to try to get Jett to drop out of the race.

    Stearns has provided millions in earmarks to the College of Central Florida where his wife works. Coincidentally, she got big promotions and pay raises. A citizens watchdog group, “Citizens for Responsibility and ethics in Washington” has requested records from three Florida agencies.

    Stearns is a classic “carpetbagger” recently registering to vote in the third district simply to run for office. He is seeking his 13th term and in 24 years in the House has no seniority, no committee chairmanships (only subcommittee), and even the liberal Times-Union newspaper who endorsed Stearns admits few of his bills are ever passed.

    He’s flip-flopped on Abortion, claiming he now opposes protecting life from the moment of conception. Only AFTER viability. He flip-flopped on Obamacare; he sponsored a nearly identical bill at one time. He’s flip-flopped on term limits promising to serve only 6 terms. Now he claims he favors term limits ONLY if all other members of Congress abide. There’s zero chance of that, of course.

    Cliff Stearns is a lover of junkets and took one to Israel during last summer’s August district work period. He claimed he was in Orlando but his own financial disclosure report says otherwise.

    The word out there is that if he wins, Stearns who is 71, will resign to allow Gov. Scott to appoint a powerful state senator as (another) congressman for life!

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