…OK, I admit it: I got nothing.

So let’s do a couple of music videos, and call it a night.

First: an old favorite.


  • Peter Sterne, Sr says:

    Helpfully subtitled in Chinese!

  • Just Dave says:

    Ha ha. That’s awesome. How do you say “some stupid with a flare gun” in Chineese, anyway? I went over to the bing translator and went English->Simplified Chinese->English. The closest I was able to get was “Gun is not wise person”


    Anyway, here’s We love the Yangtze, Monty Python.

  • DanB says:

    This is why they hate us.

    In all seriousness, our culture is pervasive. There are third world oligarchs and despots that cry themselves to sleep because they just can’t stop the seep of western values and ideas across their borders.

    Of course, those values don’t always find fertile soil, but you do what you can.

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