Today’s surprisingly challenging photoshop fodder.

I got sent this by a colleague, and he and I agree on the problem that it represents: how do you improve on nature, here?

(Original via @michellemalkin)  Seriously, look at it for a moment.  Everything that I’ve thought of that could be added just seems to end up… detracting from the original, somehow.  The best that I could come up with that was even worth sharing was adding the volleyball from that Tom Hanks movie.  And even that is a stretch.

I’m not saying that it couldn’t be done, but… it’s a heck of an image, as is.

13 thoughts on “Today’s surprisingly challenging photoshop fodder.”

  1. You could animate it, with various Obama cliches appearing on the prompter. The challenge is they have to be backward, and still legible.

  2. Flip the flag? All I got. Otherwise hard to tinker with the obvious point. Or, obvious to those who pay attention.

  3. I think post his unemployment graph, with current numbers overlapped, from the stimulus fight.

  4. Teleprompter-in-chief.

    I am waiting for someone to photoshop in “CHAINS” as their slogan.

    From “hope and change” 2008 to “FEAR and CHAINS” 2012. Apropos, no?

  5. Don’t mess with the ‘prompter. Change the ‘forward’ slogan around.

    “Load. Your. Program.
    I. Am. Yourself.”

  6. The thought I eventually came up with was:

    “Who replaced Barack Obama with The Question?”

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