#rsrh I admit it: I blanked on Stephen Breyer.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines.)  Then again, so does everybody else.

The most anonymous member of the court, according to the survey, was Stephen Breyer, with 3% of respondents naming him. Justices Anthony Kennedy (10%), Samuel Alito (5%) and Elena Kagan (4%) each were named by 10% or fewer of the people surveyed.

Seriously… what the heck has Stephen Breyer done, while on the Court? Even his Wikipedia entry can’t come up with anything interesting.  He’s the Herb Kohl of the Supreme Court!

…Kohl.  Herb Kohl?  You know, the senior Senator from Wisconsin?

…Yes, Wisconsin has two Senators.  No, Kohl wasn’t an animatronic robot put in the Senate to save money.  Yes, I agree, it would be very useful to have that option available to taxpayers…

Moe Lane


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