Sen Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) vaguely wanders off from awkward debate question.

Heh. You should have seen the title that I originally came up with.

Via Breitbart TV comes this highly entertaining/infuriating exhibit of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) taking full advantage of being a D from CA:

For those without video access: local California media – including that notoriously right-wing rag known as the LA Times – has noticed that Senator Feinstein refuses to debate Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken. When ABC reporter Mark Matthews called out the Senator on this, Feinstein tried to get up and walk out on the reporter* rather than answer the question. Which, of course, does not have an answer that would be favorable to Senator Feinstein: judging from the Senator’s performance in the interview, participating in a debate would quite possibly wreck her chances for re-election.

I know, I know: California is an uphill battle, and it would be absolutely unsurprising if California Democrats get away with running a Senate candidate who doesn’t have the guts to face her opponent in a debate. But I can at the very least point out that Feinstein’s strategy here is doing nothing to help the Democrats’ existing reputation for being, ah, cautious overmuch when adverse real-world developments strike? – Which is something that will at least hurt them in other races, even if it won’t in this one.

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PS: Elizabeth Emken for Senate.

*To be fair: Matthews admitted that this was the last question he was planning to ask anyway; and Feinstein is old (almost 80), and frankly does not look well. She might have been simply slightly confused.

5 thoughts on “Sen Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) vaguely wanders off from awkward debate question.”

  1. I love the fact that your “being fair” is indistinguishable from “twisting the knife”.

  2. To be fair, I am sure Dianne Feinstein is afraid of slipping up again and saying something like oh: “The White House is leaking national security secrets” during a debate and then having to record another hostage video after being “Corey Bookered” by the White House.

    Nothing says, “a useless dead fish of a politician” than approaching 80, 42 years in politics, self funding from a liberal state and still allow yourself to be “Corey Bookered” by the White House on an issue when you were both correct and on the side of the angels.

  3. The truly sad part is that is Senator Feinstein is the more reasonable & capable of California’s two senators.

    (37 million people, and the Californians re-elect Boxer. BOXER! Argghhh…)

  4. I hate to say it, but I agree with her. If she is going to win w/o debating, and she will, why take the risk? Note this has nothing to do with “serving the people of CA”. The people of CA consistently vote for these pols. Until they stop cutting themselves like distraught teenage girls, don’t expect me to share in their angst.

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