Hey. Decided to paint me some minis!

Because, well, it was about time I painted some of these OGRE miniatures.


You will note that there are no photos.  That’s because the first batch came out… well.  There was what was in my head, and then there was what ended up on the miniatures, and then there was the dimensional portal that suddenly opened up and brought the whole thing to the Elemental Plane of Bad Paint Jobs.

At this point, you are either wincing or nodding; it all depends on whether you’ve painted miniatures yourself.  This is the first time that I’ve tried it, you see. My wife painted ’em; I didn’t.  So I’m not actually upset; I was expecting a learning experience from all of this… and hoo, boy, I got one.  Still fun to try something new, though.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, all right, one picture:

No, that’s not shaving cream.


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