The UK’s Daily Telegraph falls down on the job.

Sure, the title and subtitle start promisingly

Ghent prostitutes told to wear more clothes
Prostitutes in the Belgian city of Ghent have been told to cover up and stop suggestive gyrating in their windows as of next month.

…but then they spoil the whole thing by using a staggeringly inappropriate photo: which is to say, a photo where none of that is going on.  I spent half a minute squinting at the blessed thing before reluctantly concluding that it probably was a stock picture.  Look, I expect decorum of this sort from American news media sources; but this is the British press that we’re talking about, here. They have a certain… reputation… when it comes to opportunities to exhibit a little skin.

Ach, this fallen world.

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane


  • MikeCG says:

    There has always been a HUGE chasm, in terms of journalistic style and integrity, between the three big traditional “broadsheets” (The Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian) and the “tabloids” (The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, and yes, The Sun). While papers of the former category have no problem promoting a particular ideological agenda in their reporting and editorializing, it would be unheard of for them to engage in the kind of bottom-barrel titillation, lurid prose, and gossip mongering that the latter category has turned into a veritable art form. To do so would be unconscionably…plebeian.

  • MikeCG says:

    *clears throat* There are, of course, EXCEPTIONS to every rule. *looks about nervously*

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