You would think that connecting an Xbox to a monitor…

…(note: not a TV) using a HDMI cable would be a snap, right?



  • Becky says:


    Is what Microsoft does at you…

  • jetty says:

    @Becky – LOL.

  • acat says:

    Any configuration other than *exactly* what the Microsoft coders had at the time will *not* be a snap. This is why the only way I’ll buy a Microsoft computer is as a pre-integrated bundle .. that way it’s got a prayer.

    XBOX and monitor instead of computer? Yeah, there’s probably some obscure switch somewhere for that… good luck!


  • Catseye says:

    This is why the guys who figure out how to do interconnections between different devices make so much money.

  • Aruges says:

    HDMI connections require a bit of handshaking between the devices when they start up. If either device doesn’t perform the hand shake quite the way the other one was expecting… no pretty pictures. HDMI is a standard, but like oh so many “standards” they allow for some degree of variance… and some device makers comply with the standard to varying degrees.

  • OU812 says:

    Did you get a high speed one?

  • Murgatroyd says:

    You are aware, aren’t you, that all electronic devices are equipped with a Critical Need Detection Circuit that governs their operation?

  • Skip says:

    @Moe, is the problem that there’s no HDMI in on the monitor, or the HDMI in doesn’t seem to work? What kind of monitor?

    I have basically this exact setup, except that I’ve cracked the audio out to go into my PC’s audio in so I can listen to the xbox audio through my headset, so it definitely can work, assuming that your monitor can handle either digital HDMI or DVI-D.

  • Skip says:

    Ok, hmm. I wonder if the xbox is set to an output resolution the monitor doesn’t do? Can you set it between 720p, 1080i or 1080p on the monitor? Do other hdmi devices work here?

    In general this is something that just works, at least when HDCP isn’t an issue (and it shouldn’t be here).

  • acat says:

    I recall that the XBOX 360 does a “monitor detect” every time it starts up by default .. I suppose because the gamerboyz tend to carry ’em around from home to home.
    It’s also something that can be disabled, if you know that the box isn’t going to go walkabout.
    Can you plug it into some other (similar) device, set the output that the monitor expects, then lock it in?

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