I will admit, when I first saw this superficially insipidly stupid report ‘accusing’ Mitt Romney of being able to fit everything he needed to gut Barack Obama like a fish in Wednesday’s debate on a single sheet of paper (a so-called “cheat sheet”), my first thought was Wow.  That’s incredibly insulting… to Barack Obama; surely you’d need at least an eight-page chapbook.  But, once I saw this… well. Guess it maybe wasn’t a handkerchief* after all?

I’m convinced; how about you?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I’ve asked the Romney campaign for comment; I’ll let you know what they say in response.

*Which, by the way, even Reuters admitted was in the video.  Dear God but these people don’t like to admit that they got hornswoggled by Obama, huh?


  1. A commenter over at Protein Wisdom says Obama had a pencil.
    What’s that all about?

  2. Oh, Romney cheated all right. Sure it was a hankie. But not just any hankie.

    First they boiled — literally boiled — all his crib notes into a broth. Then they soaked the hankie in the broth.

    You think Romney was dabbing sweat from his brow. Oh, no no. He was dabbing cheat broth ONTO HIS HEAD so it could soak into his brain.

    That’s how he beat Obama. THAT’S HOW!!!

  3. What I liked was the guy who said that Romney referencing his “five boys” while discussing the BS that some folks (his sons, Barack Obama) try and put over was a sneaky racist reference.

    I’m thinking, wow, if Romney is that smart, that quick, that subtle a thinker that he can seize an opportunity like that to call Barack Obama “boy”, well he must be some kind of SOOOOPER GENIUS and we better elect him president right away, even though clearly, he’s a racist. With a dancing horse. And who’s a Mormon.

    But then I realized all Leftists are blithering idiots and we better elect Mitt Romney president anyway, even if he is just a rather bright non-racist.

  4. “Empty Chair?”. I’m more concerned with the “Empty Heads” that are the Obamabots. Ya think the Lincoln-Douglas debate would have been the same with teleprompters? Another thing these nitwits don’t understand is that the Teleprompters aren’t sentient beings that think for them selves, they are a crew served weapon thus providing the end user with a huge advantage. Needing the crutch of a teleprompter in a debate should be enough to disqualify anybody from the office of the POTUS.

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