#rsrh As God is my witness, and I swear I am not being a partisan hack this time…

…but there’s something deeply weird about the fact that Obama for America took this long to announce that they and the DNC had a fundraising haul of 181 million in September*.  That’s a great number for the campaign – it won’t allow them to dominate the airwaves like it would have (and in fact did) in September of 2008, but it’s great – but rumors about this haul have been circulating for the last two days.  Throwing this out on a Saturday AFTER getting shellacked on Wednesday makes very little sense.

…Unless, of course, this is true:

Moe Lane

*Not a clue about how much money Romney-Ryan brought in September, although they’ve collected 12 million in the last 48 hours. More importantly, volunteering is up. Which is why I ain’t worrying about it.

[UPDATE]: And then there’s this: Windfall: Obama Raises $181 Million, Only Around 2% of Donations Reportable. Although I’d like to think that the Obama administration isn’t quite THAT dumb.


  • acat says:

    For those of us not up on campaign finance law .. what makes a donation non-reportable?


  • Don says:

    @acat The update link explains it all very quickly. donations below 50 dollars don’t even have to give their names and the campaigns don’t have to report them. Obama got 1.5 million donations below the 200 dollar mandatory reporting amount and the average of all end up being 53 dollars. Potentially that is (tens of?)millions of completely anonymous campaign contribution dollars. It is conspiracy bait, but it is really good bait.

  • countrydoc says:

    So a power donor divvies up his stash into a million electronic sham accounts and is thus “unreportable”. I would not have bought that conspiracy theory until I started seeing stories on how many Facebook accounts are shams. Nothing real here. Just electrons whizzing around the ether.

  • acat says:

    ‘cept, Countrydoc, that there are real dollars falling out of the ether and into Obama’s accounts…

    Those dollars originate somewhere .. and I would like the Most Transparent President Ever to sunshine-up.


  • Big E says:

    acat….what has happened is it appears as though they have turned ‘off’ all the necessary anti fraud checks for all CCs… and that a vast majority of these new deposits were made under prepaid CCs that ARE impossible to track….

    Bye Bye Chairman Choom

  • JeremiadBullfrog says:

    Countrydoc: Don’t forget all the fake Twitter followers, too.

  • Liz says:

    SOROS dollars$$$. He was Obama’s first contributor, now he is Obama’s largest donor. It’s all fixed, people, SOROS thinks he is God. He’s a mere mortal, and a felon at that. But a rich one that HATES the USA.

  • djm1992 says:

    Looks like Doodad Pro and friends are back on board for 2012

  • Tommy V says:

    The most damning bit if information to me is how the Obama website actively ELIMINATED all the security measures for the credit card input. That is, no security code or zip code is necessary to make a payment. This opens up donations to non-citizens overseas (illegal) and pre-paid credit cards (untraceable.)

    You only turn that off when you are WELCOMING those kinds of payments.

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