#rsrh Here. A #myamericandream photoshop opportunity.




Moe lane


  • TomInKorea says:

    Why does the flag in the background not have the correct number of stars?

  • Moe_Lane says:

    Because the Democrats don’t have a freaking clue?

  • civil truth says:

    Moe, there’s weirdness going on with the hyperlinks, various error messages, and for a time the original twitterpic was missing here.

    What this looks like to me is that some artist made a painting of a 48-star American flag, probably with the girl standing in front. Being a painting, the artist took liberties with the number of stripes. Being 48 stars, the picture was surely painted before 1959 (the year Alaska became a state).

    This raises the question as to whether the Obama campaign violated copyright on the picture – and how much of the sign is photoshopped: the whole sign or the writing only (in which case, was written on on the original sign).

    At the least, the campaign has made a shameful expropriation of someone’s labor without compensation. Characteristic for a campaign advocating collectivism and redistribution of property.

    And I doubt they paid attention to the flag image in terms of counting the number of stars and the number of stripes.

  • acat says:

    Civil_Truth .. hardly the first, nor the most egregious example.


    Shep Fairey is not doing time.


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