Three admissions fueled by a glass of Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo.

In no particular order:

  1. I sometimes wonder if there’s anything wrong with me because there’s nothing particularly wrong with me that keeps me from doing regular updates and posts and creative work on this blog.  It’s like half the artistic types I see online are always telling me about the last thing that legitimately knocked them on their butts; after a certain point you start to wonder if that’s, well, normal.
  2. …It is depressing that a single glass of red wine can make me slightly loopy like this.  Dammit, I had an apple and cheese while imbibing.  This is not me drinking on an empty stomach.  This is me apparently getting old.
  3. “Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo” sounds more and more unfortunate, the more and more that I think about it.  But that might simply be #2. Or maybe I should have opened the Chilean merlot* instead.

That’s it.

Moe Lane

*Dammit, Firefox, ‘merlot’ is a word.

8 thoughts on “Three admissions fueled by a glass of Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo.”

  1. #3? Yeah, it’s not because of #2. “Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo” sounds quite…. unfortunate is a good way to put it, after all 😉

  2. A) be glad you are a lightweight, the opposite is a lot worse.

    B) Yellow “TAIL”, seems like truth in advertising. 🙂

  3. You could just chalk it up as proof of your native american heritage, Moe … that is, if you ever want to seek preferential treatment in your day job.
    As for this blog, quality over quantity. I’d rather a single genius bit from you than a dozen slapdash pieces that bury the lede out of incompetence … and it’s worth waiting for.
    As for the wine, you’re drinking something named for the back end of a giant possum… Yeah, I’d line marketing up against the wall for that one too.


  4. Re #2… I have a similarly low tolerance. However, I see this as a good thing because 1) my beer snobbery has gotten rather expensive, and 2) nothing wrong with being efficient.

  5. When I turned 30, I decided to ditch one bad habit. The choice was between fatty food and alcohol. I got rid of alcohol. Sometimes I think I chose poorly.

    1. countrydoc: shoot, I would have picked up another bad habit ahead of time, and then given up THAT. ‘Course, I used to smoke, so I had that to get rid of.

  6. The health benefits of 1-2 drinks a day is well documented, keep it up, good for heart and stress. You could always post Monty Pythons Philospher song as a link to your tipsy thinking. ” I drink therefore I am”

  7. Giving up smoking was one of the best moves you’ve ever made, I feel safe to say.

    I’ve also done my best to introduce you to excellent Chilean wines, too. I recommend avoiding the Uruguayan ones, but Chile and Argentina make some damn tasty wines.

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