OK, I need to stop reading sad paeans to the death of the Netroots…

…giggling is unseemly.  Particularly at the remarkably self-congratulatory aspects of some of the melancholy: Lord love those folks, but if they were as consequential as they thought then they wouldn’t be obscure.

Moving along, as a palate cleanser there’s this:

…which I show not because I think that it’s real (it’s not*), but because it’s a damned good fake and shows what you can accomplish with a minimalist aesthetic.

Moe Lane

*I don’t have the math or the physics to explain properly, but my basic thought is that the ‘levitating’ girl’s posture at rest is not compatible with some sort of, I don’t know, ‘repulsor’ field holding her in place and is compatible with her wearing a harness under her parka.

Sorry.  Still well-thought out, though.

4 thoughts on “OK, I need to stop reading sad paeans to the death of the Netroots…”

  1. The trick to maintaining illusion is not pushing too hard… Something the kid on wires and OFA both need to work at. It should look natural.


    p.s. the parent should have been running away, kid in arms … But that’d need a quick way to disconnect…

  2. Ah, the netroots. If they truly wanted power they should have spent less time at Yearly Kos and more time actually showing up at the county party activities.

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