“Age of the Hobbits” Trailer. …No, I’m not making this one up.

The Exploitation Is Strong in this one.


The YouTube commenters are doing something useful for once and trying to figure out who should be most offended by this.  I’m thinking ‘Cambodians,’ myself: no way those guys got standard pay for this turkey.


Via Nodwick.

Moe Lane

PS: I should note, by the way, that Asylum Studios (the creators of the aforementioned turkey) does have a point: we have found archeological evidence of a half-sized human subspecies in Indonesia; said species has been called ‘Hobbits’ by the scientific community; and the movie is set in that region.  The “dragons” are more problematical, but, hell, that’s not the reason why the folks behind the Hobbit movie are suing Asylum.

BTW, Indonesian folklore is kind of interesting.

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