Attn: members of the OH, MI, PA, and WI state legislatures. Time for Electoral Vote reform.

Please initiate legislative/Constitutional proceedings in your next session to change the way that your state allocates Electoral College votes  in order to fit the Maine model: to wit, one EV assigned per Congressional District won by a candidate, and two EVs assigned to the statewide winner. Do not rush proceedings, but please have these reforms in place prior to the 2014 midterm elections.

As for the members of Florida’s and Virginia’s state legislatures… well, let’s see how 2016 goes, first.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, this is naked partisanship.  Your point?

PPS: Why, yes, this makes gerrymandered districts a real problem for the party doing the gerrymandering.  …And?

6 thoughts on “Attn: members of the OH, MI, PA, and WI state legislatures. Time for Electoral Vote reform.”

  1. Dangerous road, remember the days of 40 years of Dem control of the house? We may have an advantage now, the future is unknown. would rather see popular vote than selective hybrid system that affects only a few states.

    1. It’d put a dent in the media’s “battleground” memes .. and therefore is a Good Thing.

  2. You assume much as to the competency and incorruptibility of the PA Legislature. I’ve lived under these stooges — Harrisburg does funny things to a person.

  3. I’ve long been a proponent of this model, however once I crunched the numbers using the 2000 results I think I like the current system better. I’m no fan of the NPV crowd, but I do think that the EC should come in to play in only subtle ways(SPOILER: using the congressional district method, which moe is advocating, would have resulted in a huge landslide for Bush – do we really want such a system working against us, as it would undoubtedly do eventually? also, do we really think we’re going to be able to slip this past the goalie, so to speak? the left ain’t gonna buy it, and I don’t blame them.)

    1. MI, OH, PA, & WI are all states that have voted Democratic in the last two elections, while currently having Republican legislatures and governors. Downside to gutting the Democrats’ EV margin: a potentially mild one in OH’s case, nil otherwise.

      Again, this is nakedly partisan on my part. 🙂

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