The Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer.

Here we go.

Couple of things about Star Trek: Into Darkness after the fold.


Did Abrams just throw a WHALE at San Francisco?  Because that’s funny, if he did.  On several levels.

Second… a bit of the controversy over who that villain is above: Khan Noonien Singh, or Gary Mitchell.  If it was the latter, that is Kicking It Old School With A Vengeance. And that would be pretty damned spiffy.

On the other hand, check out the Japanese teaser trailer.  Watch it to the end:

Now that is what we call a hint.

10 thoughts on “The Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer.”

      1. Dammit, people, let me have this. I was inexplicably denied actually getting to see Captain America punch out Adolf Hitler in Adolf Hitler’s own personal submarine, and that still grates; so I wanna see a whale get thrown at San Francisco. What the hell do we have CGI even FOR, if not for stuff like that? 🙂

  1. Looks like I can save my money and just rewatch Star Trek II instead. Same plot, just updated effects.

  2. Hopefully, they’ll mash up Mitchell and Khan and give us something new. I think its too early for the last scene, though. Maybe a twist on expectations?

  3. Unless it’s the USS Whale, methinks that’s a Constitution class ship crashing into Frisco Bay.

    As for the hint … maybe intentional misdirection?

  4. I’m already irritated that Abrams literally retconned everything (except Enterprise) in the original reboot. Does he have to crib every iconic, dramatic element from STII to punch up not one, but two (or more) movies?

    If we’re going to go in a new direction, go in a new direction already.

  5. My wife, on me reading to her that the whale is funny on several levels:

    “Especially if it has a potted plant with it.”
    GOTTA love a wife that outgeeks me sometimes.

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