…You know what the Internet needs?

One of those universal symbols for I was going to write a post on something, only I realized that I didn’t actually care enough to bother to write a post, only there’s no way to indicate my essential disinterest without actually writing the post, which kind of defeats the purpose of saying that I actually really and truly don’t care enough to bother.

It should be a yellow-and-black warning symbol; you could put it up, attach a link to whatever it was that made you roll your eyes, and then not have to address it again.

Or something.  Sorry: lack of coffee.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “…You know what the Internet needs?”

  1. Not yellow and black, that symbolizes real warnings or danger. This level of disinterest requires colors that better reflect the “blah” nature and level of interest. Sort of muted blues and and greys

    1. Chartreuse and sienna, perhaps?
      This is probably within my limited graphical abilities, but Moe’s doesn’t allow pictures in posts…

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