QotD, …Ouch. Just… Ouch edition.

Frank Fleming, on the Susan Rice pushback:

I thought it was common knowledge that people who are good at things get jobs in the private sector, and those who are ambitious but not particularly useful find jobs in politics. So our expectations are similar to when we give small tasks to toddlers: As long as they don’t screw things up too badly, we consider them successes.

Frank is cruel. And undiplomatic.

Via Instapundit.

5 thoughts on “QotD, …Ouch. Just… Ouch edition.”

  1. Thanks for the post Moe, this guy is my new favorite writer! I think he should run the RNC!

  2. The reward for a job well done is usually another, more challenging job.
    With this in mind, Susan Rice should be offered a gig handling media relations for a hospital in Chicago…
    I understand just such a position has gone unfilled for 4 years or so now….

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