“Lone Ranger” trailer.

Saw this last night.

…And I understand that this is one of those projects that rode the catastrophe curve all the way in, and is not actually guaranteed to Avoid The Suck next year.  If nothing else, there’s a bunch of Native American actors who’d like to know why Johnny Depp got that role… well, aside from the fact that Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp, and thus guaranteed to be reliably and entertainingly insane on-camera.

One thought on ““Lone Ranger” trailer.”

  1. Actually, Depp does has Cherokee ancestry from both sides of his family. His great-grandmother, Minnie, was a full-blooded Cherokee. However it doesn’t matter really. Alec Guinness played a great Prince Faisal in “Lawrence of Arabia” dispite being very white. I have no doubt Johnny Depp took this roll very seriously.

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