Faction squabbles in the Obama White House.

To sum up Breitbart (by way of Hot Air): Susan Rice’s partisans are pretty much infuriated at… somebody.  Take your pick: John Kerry’s partisans; the Republican party; the Obama White House; or all of the above.  Said Rice partisans feel that Ambassador Rice was chopped off at the knees (she was) by the administration over Benghazi (it did) unfairly (actually, no, it was eminently fair)… they’re also not very happy about the fact that apparently the GOP has collectively made the cold calculation that freeing up John Kerry’s Senate seat is worth letting John Kerry be Secretary of State for a couple of years*.

I know.  How dare we.

Anyway, be prepared to see this sort of backbiting and sniping happen for… well, pretty much Obama’s second term.  Institutional loyalty is kind of thin on the ground, over there; and it’s not as if Barack Obama has the ability to squelch these people with sheer force of will and/or charisma, given that he largely has neither.  Hey, don’t blame me: I’m just the messenger…

Moe Lane

*I personally hold out hope that, if Kerry gets the job, Teresa Heinz-Kerry will take the opportunity offered by being the wife of the Secretary of State to haul off and backhand some grubby little tinpot dictator at one or another State function.  That woman was born to start a diplomatic incident, and I’m reasonably certain that she’d start one against somebody that I don’t like anyway.

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