My 2013 predictions.

Fair warning: I’m awful at these.  So there’s that.

  1. John Boehner will remain Speaker of the House.
  2. Nancy Pelosi will announce her retirement after this term.
  3. The economy will go back into recession.
  4. Our national credit rating will be downrated.
  5. A lot of politicians, on both sides, are going to be shocked to discover that the country will be quite happy to blame a lot of politicians, on both sides, for the previous two things.
  6. There will be interminable calls for a third party, which will not materialize.
  7. Then again, neither will the various reforms, proposed rules changes, new operating methodologies, and whatnot.
  8. The Senate will still not pass a budget.
  9. President Obama will discover that blaming everybody but him for everything is boring, and that everything is boring, and he’ll be displaying that boredom more and more.
  10. On the bright side: Pacific Rim is going to be insanely good.

8 thoughts on “My 2013 predictions.”

  1. 1) we will send troops somewhere in harms way but the president will again refuse to consult congress
    2) Japan and china will inch closer to war
    3) MI will see an uptick in manufacturing with right to work
    4) at least one state will discuss bankruptcy vs bailout
    5) some act of violence will occur and conservatives will be blamed before the story is an hour old
    6) Obama will step into another racial conflict wrongly before the facts come out
    7) Detroit will declare bankruptcy
    8) tigers win the word series
    9) hockey will return for a short season and nobody will notice

  2. My prediction and my fear is that conservative activism will wane in 2013. For the movement to stay strong it needs to grow, and to grow there needs to be some kind of success.

  3. I think my only real prediction is that this is not the year in which math wins. I think we’re still 3-4 years away from the reckoning.

    Other than that, we’ll see more of the same – Senate Republicans caving, about 20-30 Republicans in the House will side with the Democrats to raise taxes, probably a third of them will then lose in 2014 as a result, and most will go through a nasty primary.

  4. 1. Obama and Biden will both be killed in a tragic taffy-pulling accident.
    2. And there will be much rejoicing.
    (OK, completely wishful thinking. An Boehner would still most likely manage to **** it up.)

  5. Did we even pull out of the 2008 recession in any real sense? I don’t remember any quarters with GDP growth above 3% and we still have a huge backlog in the unemployment numbers…
    A better prediction would be something along the lines of:
    3) Historians will look at the state of the US economy in 2008-2018 and declare it the equivalent of Japan’s “Lost Decade”.
    But then again, that would be a little more broad a prediction than what your list intended.

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