Illinois Denny’s manager (temporarily) kicks out off-duty cops for being armed.

Now this is just dumb.

Five police officers were kicked out of a Denny’s restaurant for carrying their guns.

It happened in downstate Belleville.

Needless to say, the national chain is kind of freaking out over one of their soon-to-be-former manager’s decision to encourage off-duty police officers to eat their crime-preventing breakfasts/dinners elsewhere.  Because there’s a reason why Denny’s restaurants don’t get robbed more often, and it’s because criminals are generally smart enough to avoid the places where cops eat.



6 thoughts on “Illinois Denny’s manager (temporarily) kicks out off-duty cops for being armed.”

  1. They were plain-clothes, not in uniform, and one of them did a poor job keeping his weapon concealed. Plus, this is in Illinois, where they’re currently trying to ban every weapon invented since 1856.
    I got no problem with the manager’s decision.

    1. But police and armed forces are the only two groups that liberals give exceptions to when saying that every weapon should be banned. Hell, even the police in the UK carry guns.

    1. Just a quibble .. Belleville is downstate, but it’s also a suburb of St. Louis, MO…
      They’re .. a little weird .. near St. Louis.

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