“Starbucks Verismo.”

Via email, a reminder of why I don’t drink Starbucks coffee:

Although it’s a little more complicated than that. Essentially, I largely don’t care about the precise makeup/flavor of my coffee: I want it light, sweet, and hot. I can get that anywhere, and usually cheaper than at Starbucks. If I do want an ornate cup of coffee, however, I get the impression that going to a Starbucks to get one when you’re not a regular there is contraindicated.

So there’s not really any real call for me to darken their doors. Unless my wife wants a latte. Then, of course, I get something simple, and wait in good grace until we’re done.

2 thoughts on ““Starbucks Verismo.””

  1. Clever bit, Moe .. and yeah, they do have some .. customer services issues. That’s true of any chain, by the way .. walk into a McDonalds or Burger King around here and order En Espanol .. and the whole kitchen goes guiltily quiet….
    I have to admit, the main reason I know how to order at Starbucks is because, when I’m traveling, their burnt-motor-oil tinged java is better than the reheated dishwater most hotel breakfast bars serve up.
    To survive, without caffeine withdrawal, I learned one order that they generally don’t screw up .. guess it’s popular .. and I just keep ordering it. It’s worked in in Philly, New York, Chicago, Birmingham, and most recently Louisville.

  2. I can name quite a few places that I’ll go before Starbucks for coffee. There are small coffee shops popping up everywhere. There’s even a gas station chain in my area (Sheetz) that makes a better mocha/latte than Starbucks.

    I will admit though…acat is right when it comes to traveling. You end up at Starbucks because as bad as it is, it beats most hotel coffee by a mile!

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