JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars VII.

I predict three things:

  1. There is going to be a tremendous amount of bitching, moaning, whining, yelling, thoughtless ranting, thoughtful ranting, justifiable complaints, baseless complaints, and pretty much an open state of kanly among the science fiction community over every. Single. Scrap of news that comes out between now and opening night.
  2. We’re all going to be there opening night anyway.
  3. Sometimes between now and then, JJ Abrams will get caught – seriously, he keeps trying to keep a lid on it, publicity-wise – doing something very decent for somebody wrt access to his Star Wars movie.

Moe Lane

PS: Reading the stories on this… dammit, Cloverfield deserves more love.  I had fun watching that flick; I always wanted to know what it was like to have a worm’s eye view of a Godzilla attack.

9 thoughts on “JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars VII.”

  1. Actually looking forward to this. Unite star wars and star trek against our common enemy: twilight

    1. JJ Abrams is a uniter, not a divider…
      Hey, Moe, WordPress keeps periodically logging me out. And I hate passwords…

      1. I think it’s supposed to log you out, Brian.
        Just set your password to something obvious *to you*, like “moespassword”.

  2. I’ve liked everything I’ve seen that he’s had a hand in. Not my first pick, but I think he’ll d a good job.

  3. Cloverfield was an awesome flick. The commentary…not as much.

    I’ve been a J.J. fan since Alias. Didn’t like what happened with Fringe after season 3, but MI3 is the only watchable one in the series, and the Star Trek reboot was quite impressive, IMHO.

    Now, there is only one word I can offer to make this truly awesome: *Thrawn!”

  4. I thought Cloverfield was awful, mostly because I hated almost every single one of the hopelessly self-absorbed twenty-somethings they populated the film with. (The monster was plenty neat, though.)
    However, I liked Star Trek, I’ve been enjoying the last few seasons of Fringe (got into the show late), and Super 8 was good (if not great).
    It’s good news, I think. Not the best news (which would probably involve Joss Whedon directing and George Lucas under a restraining order to stay away), but good news, anyway.

    1. That, Canthros, is exactly why I didn’t like Cloverfield.
      The thing some of these storytellers – and at the end of the day, that’s what writers and filmmakers are, storytellers – forget is .. it’s about *characters* first.
      If I don’t give a crap about the *characters*, they’ve lost me – and nifty special effects will not get me back.

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