The ANDOR teaser trailer.

Ain’t gonna lie: ROGUE ONE is my favorite movie of the new bunch of Star Wars movies. Which is not a hard bar to clear, but I thought it was legitimately good. And surprisingly resistant to being Disneyfied*. I’m inclined to see what ANDOR does with itself.

*There’s just something entertaining about the way that the production crew expected the Mouse to come in and point out the logical implications of the plot, and its rather dramatic effect on possible sequels. But the Mouse never did. One must treasure these brief, shining moments of artistic integrity, in an uncaring world.


The new OBI-WAN KENOBI trailer.

Guess Obi-Wan Kenobi is not staying on Tatooine for the entire series. Which makes sense, since if there’s a bright center to the universe, that’s the planet that it’s farthest from. Best to go somewhere else, hey?

Also, it has good-looking, black-armored, hawk-faced women with lightsabers. I’m not going to pretend: this is a part of my aesthetic. I’m down to watch that.

Tweet of the Day, …KOTOR? edition.

That would be @zamoose‘s hope. And mine. A KOTOR movie would just make logical sense. So would a sequel video game too, of course.



Well, if you’re going to do a STAR WARS-themed Halloween show, then give it to the LEGO folks. Straight up. I mean, there’s no chance in Hell they’ll ever do straight-up horror in the Star Wars universe, and I kind of don’t want them to anyway. That means that ‘comic spooky’ is your only viable action plan, and at least this shop knows how to do that sort of thing. I figure my kids are going to watch LEGO STAR WARS TERRIFYING TALES pretty avidly, or at least the younger one will. It may not suck.