The ‘It’s Gonna Be Heavy-Handed, Huh?’ ANDOR Disney+ Trailer.

Subtlety is not going to be ANDOR‘s strong point.

Then again, Star Wars was never subtle. The closest Lucas ever got to that was his inexplicable decision not to put nón lá on the Ewoks’ heads* in RETURN OF THE JEDI, and his successors have enthusiastically laying about with the Metaphor Stick ever since. I liked ROGUE ONE a lot, and I will probably end up liking ENDOR, but I still wish George Lucas had been the kind of guy who didn’t hunger for the approval of his peers, above all else. We’d have been spared a lot of eye-rolling nonsense.

Moe Lane

*I admit, the thought of that image somehow works for me. Although the ears would be a problem.


4 thoughts on “The ‘It’s Gonna Be Heavy-Handed, Huh?’ ANDOR Disney+ Trailer.”

    1. Sometimes, when the devil does not exist, ya gotta create ’em.

      Sometimes, having created the devil, ya don’t keep control of ’em.

      Or something.


  1. *bzzzzz* goes the shock collar.

    Okay, fine. I will just observe that this was green-lit in 2018, and that a second season was green-lit in February.

    The exact state of the world at those times *bzzzz*



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