5 thoughts on “The “Well, I admit to being wrong” THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 trailer.”

  1. I think we can all agree at this point that The Mouseā„¢ has tossed all good sense to the wind….

  2. So, I watched the first 2 episodes of Obi Wan Kenobi. I haven’t watched any star wars since. Before I watch either the rest of Kenobi or Andor, I want opinions on whether they are worth watching. Can I get those opinions here?

    1. I haven’t seen Andor. But I did experience the Series of Unlikely Events known as “Kenobi”. The series must have been written in a manner similar to the comic “Axe Cop”. Nothing about it makes any sense. Just as an example, Kenobi sneaks into an Imperial base and rescues a young Princess Leia…under his coat. Yes, you read that right. He hides Leia under a coat and just walks out.
      Now, you’re supposed to believe that the evil guys expected Kenobi to walk out with Leia under his coat so they could put a tracker on her. But he was right there in the base, so why it was necessary to track him is beyond my ability to understand.

      This is only one example of how frightfully stupid this series was. Characters appear in places where they couldn’t possibly be. Kenobi is a fearful, weak, pathetic person through the majority of the series. There’s no dread, because you already know that neither Leia nor Kenobi is in any real danger.

      Avoid this as you would avoid potato salad that was left overnight in a park surrounded by homeless people and rabid animals.

    2. I have heard from sources that I have some trust for (ie, the guys at Penny Arcade) that Kenobi gets better as it goes. I’ve not watched any of the above.

  3. The bit of Mando 2.1 that got into Book of Boba Fett gives me a little New Hope that this won’t suck.
    Kenobi took that away from me in just two episodes.
    May the Force be stronger with this one.

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