White House job council closes as unemployment rate increases.


Andrew Malcolm is quite blunt:

As the Labor Department today reported more disappointing hiring news for January, including an unexpected jump in the unemployment rate, President Obama joined thousands of other American employers and let his own White House jobs council go.

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness expired in obscurity Thursday in an unmarked bureaucratic grave. Created two years ago to display the Chicagoan’s alleged concern with high unemployment, whatever its PR showcase value had long since ended.

…but then, bluntness seems to be the only viable strategy anymore.  The economy contracted last quarter; unemployment rose a tick to 7.9%; and consumer confidence is now paying rent for the toilet that it’s been in for pretty much Obama’s entire term*.  We are looking at another recession at this rate, and we did not actually really recover from the last recession.  The only reason that the country isn’t in worse shape is because Republican-controlled states are taking up the economic slack from the Democratic-controlled ones.  Which is fine, to a limited extent; but it’s time we stopped pretending that there are two viable ideological responses to our financial woes.  There’s just the conservative response, and all the wrong ones.

Hey.  If the liberal model worked, people would be moving into California, Illinois, and/or New York.  Not out of those states.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Notice, by the way, the pro-administration spinning that took place about the economic contraction and consumer confidence.  This is only going to get worse: it’s hard out there for an Obama defender.

6 thoughts on “White House job council closes as unemployment rate increases.”

  1. Yes, the optics on this are not good ..
    (but what are the odds that it gets any play at all?)
    Until they start mocking Obama on SNL, it don’t matter.
    Truth is dead.

    1. I expect the Democrats that do have to face elections to become increasingly nervous with time.

  2. The Jobs council did its job, helped the re-election effort. Now it is not needed, end of story.

  3. Hey, green energy essentially amounts to destruction of the economy. When someone says something like ‘In the future, Americans will be healthier than ever on a diet of 1500 calories per day, 65% of which will be coleslaw’ one can expect hunger to result, if anything. Energy correlates somewhat with the economy and somewhat with the welfare of the poor.
    Obama’s willingness to sacrifice jobs on the altar of Gaia has been apparent for quite some time.

  4. Four years from now were going to be looking back to now fondly remembering it as the good-ol-days of the O’bama administration.

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