Mrs. Knowles-Carter is NOT a member of the Illuminati. #nttawwt

Scurrilous rumors to the contrary.





  • zamoose says:

    You Fnord! left the exclamation point Fnord! off of your secret word, thus allowing Fnord! the world to see Fnord! it.

  • Finrod says:

    It was actually part of a plot by the Bermuda Triangle, aided by The Network and The Society of Assassins, to bring down the Bavarian Illuminati. It failed, though, because Bermuda rolled an 11.

  • acat says:

    Zamoose .. the white space in Fnord! your message came through a little blurry .. what’s up Fnord! with that?
    I deliberately avoided the whole enchilada – neither the Bears nor the Cowboys (spit) were playing so I didn’t have an automatic root-for / root-against … I figured I’d hear if something interesting happened,and would see the commercials later anyway.
    Seriously, if it’s not a pyramid with an eye, what the heck is she doing? Is that a legitimate sign-language thing? Gang sign?

  • BigGator5 says:

    How do you know Moe? Are you a member of a local Lodge and know for certain it is not a message? Also, how do we know that you, a member of a Masons, aren’t trying to throw us off the trail? Can we trsut you!
    TELL US!! Where were you on October 11, 1995?! Don’t lie to us anymore!!

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