Tweet of the Day, The Denver Airport’s Troll Game Is Strong edition.

This is beautiful.

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Bill de Blasio… wishes to jump from failed NYC mayor to failed Democratic PotUS candidate.

See, this is why I don’t actually believe in secret conspiracies running shadow governments: “Despite repeated claims to the contrary, Mayor Bill de Blasio is positioning himself to be the leftist “progressive” alternative to Wall Street-friendly Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president, a national party operative told The Post.”  Such things are still run by human beings; and human beings who are unlikely to be particularly more enlightened than myself. And since I would do everything in my power (if I had enough of it) to set this up – out of sheer anticipation of the malignantly glorious Democratic street brawl that would result – how could the Illuminati manage to resist the temptation?

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Mrs. Knowles-Carter is NOT a member of the Illuminati. #nttawwt

Scurrilous rumors to the contrary.

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#rsrh The Chamberpost ups the ante.

They’re not even remotely happy that we over at RedState outed the secret agenda of the Chamber of Commerce. I understand that lawyers will be involved.

Still, please note that they’re tacitly admitting to the Steve Gutenberg thing. And here we thought that we’d have to resort to discovery…

Moe Lane

PS: What is this odd sensation that I am having while contemplating this year’s elections? It’s kind of relaxing and soothing; vaguely rejuvenating, and accompanied with a general sense of well-being and cheerful forbearance towards others.

Oh, right.

This is happiness.  Been a while since 2004, hasn’t it?

President honored with coveted ‘Bilderberg lackey’ status.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) Personally, I think that Politico should have made it clear that Bilderberg-watchers pretty much plug in each new President’s name into their pet theories; feel free to fix the deliberately-broken (h ttp:// and check out the mindset of these sorts for yourself. Still, that just means that you aren’t anybody until you’ve been declared to be a tool of the Bilderbergers, Tri-Lats, CFRs, or anybody else in the NWO. Well done, President Obama; it’s an obscure sort of honor, but no less real for all that.

All that being said, I’m afraid that you will have to join the Freemasons. It’s… complicated.

Moe Lane

PS: If the topic interests – and it’s usually lots of fun, up to the point where somebody starts screaming about the Jews – I suggest that you start with Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia or A History Of Secret Societies.

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