Chuck Hagel nomination vote… “postponed.”

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is comparing this entire situation to the Harriet Miers debacle:

What is unclear is whether this is a somewhat choreographed maneuver whereby the White House, the Senate and Hagel can all end this. Not unlike Harriet Miers, whose nomination to the Supreme Court ended when the White House could not provide documents covered under executive privilege, this gives all sides a chance to end what has been a disastrous nomination.

…which is… accurate, but cruel. Not that I really care whether it’s cruel or not.

Basic news via email, but link via Instapundit.  If that makes sense.

One thought on “Chuck Hagel nomination vote… “postponed.””

  1. Sen. Levin would not postpone a vote if he had the votes on the committee to move Hagel to the full Senate. I think there is enough opposition to kill Hagel’s nomination and they are looking for an easy out.

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