Tell me something entertaining.





  1. Question: you ever run an RPG campaign with a stable of characters, a la BioWare games? Maybe each player has two or three that they create and can then draw from for each adventure/session, depending on the needs of the group?

    Seems strange that BioWare, the Final Fantasy games and others have been doing it for so many years but it doesn’t seem to have trickled down to the pen&paper, no?

  2. Super Robot Wars UX comes out mid March.
    The concept of Black History in Turn A Gundam is really funny when contrasted with the common American understanding of the concept of Black History.
    I really like some of the SRW renditions of the song Black History from Turn A Gundam.
    I feel confident I didn’t miss anything ignoring the last Obama speech.*
    *I expect this will be true for the rest of my life.

  3. My roommate/landlord with a “secret” “Brony” shame asked me if Applejack was a lesbian in that My Little Pony/Lord of the Rings mashup. I e-mailed it to him while he was at work.
    Is that an entertaining thought? And has the need for one passed since you made the mistake of watching the State of the Union instead of “Criminal Minds” reruns on one of those all syndicated networks?

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