Bing’s got some interesting reactions from the SotU.

Doing a quick eyeball assessment, and based on the people that Bing had watching the speech

  • Everybody likes the idea of immigration reform.
  • Democrats like the idea of “bipartisan tax reform;” everybody else is meh.
  • Democrats are meh about the idea of gun control; everybody else is FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.
  • And that latter attitude’s coming from the women, too.
  • Climate change continues to demonstrate its status as something that we only like to worry about when the economy’s healthy.
  • Bringing the troops home remains popular.
  • Wow, look at all those women so totally not give a sh*t about the Violence Against Women and Paycheck Fairness Acts!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe Obama should have just sent a note.  The way that we used to do, before Woodrow Wilson screwed things up for everybody.  Like he was wont to do.

3 thoughts on “Bing’s got some interesting reactions from the SotU.”

  1. What I found interesting was just how much of his speech was really made up of co-opted conservative language. I’m for a lot of things he talked about like deficit reduction, immigration reform, and tax code reform. But, what the President means by those terms and what I mean by those terms are fairly different things.

    1. Which is why the whole accusation/straw-man of party over country really annoys me. Conservatives want to improve the country, they just thing what you are doing is going to make the country worse. How do you meet someone half way when you think they are going in the totally wrong direction?

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