I understand that the Oscars are tonight.

I take some pride in only really paying attention to them once… oh, who am I kidding?  The Oscars are great fun; every year, I complain about them and indicate how little I care about the whole thing.




So, fine.  I’m glad to have the program on; it gives me something to be superior about.  But I’m not going to watch the show, mind you.  Just sneer at it.

2 thoughts on “I understand that the Oscars are tonight.”

  1. I have done it several years, Catseyes. This year I decided I didn’t want to sit through the whole full smugness, and only tuned in for the last three awards.
    I got to see Jennifer Lawrence win her first Oscar. That was nice; I like her acting, and she seems like a decent person. I got to see Daniel Day-Lewis win his third Best Actor trophy, this one for “Lincoln.” It was hands-down the best performance of the year among the ones I saw, and it was the one I favored, so that was nice too.
    Then Michelle Obama appeared live via satellite to help Jack Nicholson announce the Best Picture winner. I turned it off, and I’m not watching any part of the Oscars for a good several years. Possibly ever. We’ll see how magnanimous I’m feeling come 2017.

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