My one-word responses to several stories.

Via RCP: “I Have No Idea What Republicans Are Doing – Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine”


Via Drudge: “Just as Nixon went to China, should Obama go to Iran? – Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor”


I got nothing, sorry.

12 thoughts on “My one-word responses to several stories.”

  1. I can answer for you Donna. I understand you don’t understand basic economics but here goes. You know that Affordable Health Care Act thingy, you and your buddies all thought was a great idea? Well, it increased the cost to insurance companies on everything from administration, maintenance, health care supplies, actuarial cost on insuring pre-existing conditions and well you see your health care company isn’t a charity. To stay in business and keep employing people and pay their stockholders and continue to provide you insurance, they need to make this little thing, we like to call a profit. Profit equals revenue-expenses. Jacking up the cost to insurance companies, increase the expenses part. To maintain their profit, the insurance company had to jack your premiums i.e. increase revenue. The solution to this problem: REPEAL YOUR IDIOTIC LAW. I’ll be expecting your op-ed to that affect any day now.

  2. Donna you can’t get a proper response because you are contacting the wrong people.

    Call POTUS.

    Crawford – You think Iranians are stupid? They will send him back.

    acat – ha ha is the best reply.

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