OK, this is getting to be one hell of a surreal Sequester Eve.

First there was this.

I was warned, but I went looking for it anyway. My mistake. Then there was this.

These things come in threes.


I don’t wanna know what three is going to be.


  • Christine says:

    I don’t want to know either!! Heard about a video similar to the first one on the radio this morning, but that one supposedly was just Taylor Swift…

  • Cameron says:

    OK, that video was a good start to the work shift.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Ok. I was completely caught of guard with that goat video. Everytime that thing yelled, I bust out laughing.

    • techsan says:

      I wanted to not laugh…on the sheer stupidity of it…but somehow it fit. And I laughed aloud without shame (and without anyone in the house at the time).

      I’m watching both of these thinking “Some guy* spent hours knitting those videos together.”

      *Yes…no gal would waste such a colossal amount of time on something so banal. Gals I know are smarter than that.

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