Ashley Judd’s [copy-edited] non-denial denial about running.

Sorry to do said editing, but the woman’s grasp of Standard English generally makes my teeth ache.  Anyway, the aforementioned non-denial denial about whether Ms. Judd is running for Senate in Kentucky:

“I am not sure who is saying this stuff, but it is not [me]! [A]s a fan of your journalism[, I would prefer] that you stay [both] accurate and credible. [My… office? call service?  Butler? Needs context, here] told everyone who called us yesterday [that] these stories are fabrications.”

…Yeah, HuffPo (H/T: Hot Air Headlines) isn’t buying that, either.  Excuse me: “ain’t.” Sounds more ethnic that way*; God forbid that we should try to torpedo Ashley Judd’s attempt to sound like what she fondly thinks the average Kentuckian sounds like…


Moe Lane

*Obligatory Tom Lehrer reference:

The Folk Song Army