You know, it’s funny: we insist the GOP embrace pop culture…

…and then we cringe when it does.

“No, wait, not the parts that are sh*tty!”

Sorry, guys: like it or not, this is part of the deal.  You want integration into the American gestalt? – Well, guess what.  The Harlem Shake is part of the gestalt.  Be careful what you ask for!

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, it’s a lot more tolerable if you just accept that it’s happening.

8 thoughts on “You know, it’s funny: we insist the GOP embrace pop culture…”

  1. The problem isn’t the request that the GOP “embrace pop culture”.
    The problem is the ijit ‘consultants’ don’t know any more about pop culture than the leadership .. so they rely on Google Zeitgeist ( and similar to tell them what’s “trending” …
    .. and thus we have this stupidity.
    Still, it could be worse. Can you imagine “Two Republicans, one {noun}” ?

    1. acat is right. I mean, they completely messed up the Harlem Shake here. It’s one thing to do it right and look bad, but its another to completely botch a simple meme.

      1. If there’s one thing I learned from my time in theatre, it’s “If you’re gonna screw up, screw up with style.
        That said, I have absolutely no idea what a “Harlem Shake” is supposed to look like, assuming that there is a Platonic ideal of a Harlem Shake…

    1. There is nothing wrong with the Harlem Shake, harmless in fact. If done right, everyone can have a ball. I would also go so far as to say there are worse YouTube memes out there.

      1. In defense of my earlier defense, “no one looks good doing a Harlem Shake” and that is the point of the Harlem Shake.

  2. They can embrace pop culture, sub culture, high culture or freaking germ cultures for all I care, so long as they embrace the Constitution. Every thing else is window dressing……..

  3. this would be even funnier if we took the audio out and replaced it with Gangham style (however thats spelled)

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