Dagnabbit, I hate it when a post doesn’t work out.

Somebody take a gander at these two pictures:



…does that guy have his finger inside the trigger guard? It looks like it at first glance, but I think that the trigger is usually farther back from the ejection port than that.

5 thoughts on “Dagnabbit, I hate it when a post doesn’t work out.”

  1. Looks to me like his hand is wrapping the whole trigger guard. Trigger should be under his palm, almost his wrist.

    I assume this is a still from new ads put together by a certain far-left New York based lobbying group, funded mostly by old, rich, white men?
    (no TV here, and not worth the bandwidth to DL the video)

    Yes, it would have been fun to slap them for violating basic safety, but take heart, we can still slap them for more serious errors.

  2. Disagree Cameron but then I use a sword, so what do I know, but it looks to me like it’s on the trigger guard. Do you have one? It definitely looks like the fingers forward of the of the trigger guard. (Pulled up full picture to check.) I do prefer to keep both hands on a long gun, I’ve used a few in my time. But I disagree if he has one hand with his finger on the trigger resting on his knee he should be whipped not beaten, beating would be far to light a punishment. Firing a round because you lose your balance can kill someone, Whipped not Beaten.

    1. My hunter’s safety instructor would have had his hide regardless of whether his finger is in the trigger guard or over it. Like Catseyes said, lose your balance and fall over and you’ll fire off a round far too easily. We were taught to keep the finger pointed straight forward, above the guard, and always hold the weapon with two hands. It’s safer (not relying on one hand to hang on to the gun) and also easier for those around you to see that you’re doing the right thing. Funny, that would have helped them out in this situation.

    2. The way I was looking at it was this: If I can’t see your finger sticking straight out along the weapon, then you have your finger on the trigger. Even if his finger is clear of it, he’s still being an idiot.

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