Ashley Judd cuts and runs from Kentucky Senate race?

She just didn’t know the territory:

Actress Ashley Judd has decided not to pursue a bid for the Kentucky Senate race, according to two sources familiar with her decision.

Moral of the story: normal people simply don’t like rabid progressives all that much.  Particularly ones that babble on and on about how much they hate coal mining, to the point where they’re trivializing rape.

Glad we cleared that up!

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, of course I was looking forward to Ashley Judd running.  But, honestly: it’s better for the Republic if progressives don’t get encouraged too much to think that they’re viable outside of very carefully designed and maintained demographic hothouses.  Aside from everything else ,it’s… cruel to do that to them.  Sometimes you have to think of the country first.

10 thoughts on “Ashley Judd cuts and runs from Kentucky Senate race?”

  1. That’s the second Music Man reference I’ve seen today. Now I gotta snag a copy…

  2. “I realize that my responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on my family,” she wrote. ”
    Translation: “I realize that I don’t have a prayer”……. which is actually quite self aware for a celebrity democrat.

      1. I feel cheated, in a whole different way.
        Had the idiots (erm, Dems) run Puffy Judd, we had a real shot of primarying McConnell and *still* winning in rather red Kentucky.
        As it is .. if the (less stupid) Dems run a serious candidate, we’re likely stuck with Mitch.
        Still, if that’s this morning’s frog, I’ll take it.

        1. Personally, I’d love to have seen McConnell vs Judd. McConnell would have treated a Judd for Senate like a rented mule. Three words for anyone to look up: Iroquois Hunt Club. Mitch McConnell is a milquetoast of a minority leader but as a campaigner dude is tough, mean, shameless and he plays for keeps. Why he is won even during Dem landslides in 1990, 1996, & 2008.

          1. Moe, exactly. One of the reasons, Mourdock got past Luger is Luger essentially laid down for him. He hadn’t had to campaign for his life and he didn’t know how and had no taste for it. McConnell ain’t going to play it that way, he’ll play it like Remo at the end of Casino. Not to say it is impossible to primary him but it wouldn’t be easy either.

          2. Really wish KY could get *that* Mitch to show up in the Senate, from time to time.

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