Dan Balz: Barack Obama is incapable of running the country.

Sorry, I’m translating (Via Hot Air Headlines):

The summer question: Can Washington govern?

Congress returns to work next week facing a crowded legislative agenda and one big question for President Obama and Republican lawmakers: Can Washington govern?

…articles like this only get written when the Democrats are being particularly incompetent at walking and chewing gum at the same time.  When a Republican President is in a similar situation it’s always his personal fault first, the GOP’s in general second, and Democrats’ never.  And, notice: even in this particular case Dan Balz never even suggests that maybe, just maybe, Obama should admit defeat and give us what we want.

What’s that?  “Obama doesn’t want to?”  Well, I guess that he really doesn’t take any of this really seriously, then.  Tsk, tsk…

Moe Lane

PS: While we’re on the subject… yes, the GOP hasn’t won the popular vote in five of the last six elections… as opposed to the Democrats, who have likewise not won the popular vote four times in the last six. Clinton won with pluralities in 92/96; Gore, of course, lost with a plurality in 00.  And if you want to find some kind of pattern in the fact that the GOP lost the Presidential election twice, won twice, and lost twice… feel free; that rhythm doesn’t bode well for the Democrats in 2016…

6 thoughts on “Dan Balz: Barack Obama is incapable of running the country.”

  1. I was kinda waiting for the “ungovernable” argument to pop up again. It was getting a bit overdue.
    No, the U.S.A. is not governable by an incompetent narcissist and his cult of personality apparatchiks who have less experience actually *governing* than George H.W. Bush’s left nut….

  2. Excuse me I forget why exactly is it we need a Government anyway? Does it do anything useful haven’t seen any sign of That lately. Oh, yes I forgot the military.

  3. It’s not supposed to be governable, that’s why we have 50 state governments to run the day to day stuff.

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