Dang, but Bioshock Infinite was fun.

Just finished it.

Didn’t have a problem with the ending, didn’t have a problem with the politics overall, do think that they only didn’t put in a particular sound at the end because that way the people who like horrible endings can still have their horrible ending, will probably not play the game again until the DLC comes out – because hoo boy but that was intense.

All in all, an excellent birthday present.  Thanks for buying it for me!

8 thoughts on “Dang, but Bioshock Infinite was fun.”

      1. Go play Dishonored. It’s a very good game.
        And there’s some really juicy DLC being released for it next week…

  1. Now I enjoyed the experience, but what just pissed me off, wasn’t the twisty pretzel of an ending. It was the what Lavine didn’t do the thing that he usually does with his games. Explain his villain. The only reason we are given for why Comstock became what he was is “he got baptized” and that’s it. I’m sorry. That’s insulting. If Lavine wanted to make a statement about religious extremism or even say that Christianity is bad, he had a ton more narrative and detail work to do get to that point. The Hammers were explained in Thief, Andrew Ryan was thoroughly fleshed out (even Fontain got more) Comstock started out as a caricature and never any further detail. It came off as a pure smear to me.

    1. Given what I’ve read, it may be because of the fact that Lavine’s original ending caused one of his senior development team (a devout Christian) to resign in protest (the developer came back after Lavine, in apparent horror at the reaction, toned things down). So that may have been unavoidable.

      1. Where did you read that? I avoided most of the previews and pr build up, but I’m sure the gaming blogs would have broadcast that detail quite loudly…

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