Kentucky’s karmic backlash against Democrats, summarized.

I don’t know whether this qualifies as irony:

In 2003, McConnell v. FEC temporarily determined that the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act – usually called “McCain-Feingold,” after the two Constitutional illiterates that inflicted this law on the rest of us – was in fact Constitutional.  The reaction to this was to create various types of organizations that could operate around the new restrictions on free speech; one of these types of organization is something known as a “super-PAC.”  Super-PACs continued to exist even after the Supreme Court came partially to its senses and restored key free speech rights in Citizens United v. FEC; and in a fine bit of hypocrisy, the Democratic party and the Left has wholeheartedly adopted using such groups for various purposes, including the occasional deniable attack run (as was possibly discussed in a shadowy December meeting that allegedly involved groups like Mother Jones and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics In Washington).  The most recent example of this would be the attacks made by “Progress Kentucky,” which have catastrophically blown up in the Left’s collective face (like, say, Mother Jones and CREW); it is now somewhat more likely that said attacks will instead help re-elect… Senator Mitch McConnell, who brought the original lawsuit against McCain-Feingold in the first place.

Ironic?  Possibly not.  Hysterical?  Hoo, yeah.

Moe Lane

PS: You know, if you had told me last year that large sections of the Right would be shaking their heads in horrified admiration at McConnell at this point, I’d have laughed in your face.

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  1. The hilarity doesn’t end there. There’s a whole Shakespeare for Hillbillies type drama going down with the key Ky Progress players AND the Dem who outed them. Page One, a local independent blog, has all the details. It starts here, and there are five parts so far, with one more scheduled to run tomorrow. h ttp://

    1. Just so we’re clear: I’m Old School, and I happily judge sites by their blogrolls. Which is why I broke the link; that site listens to far too many fools, dupes, and knaves.

  2. I have observed a phenomena over the years the more the left believes the media will protect them or at least not report their misdeeds the more stupidly and ineptly the left behaves. I have observed this at multiple times and in multiple locations. And considering how assiduously the Media are currently protecting the President…. Well the mind boggles. Hopefully no one will get hurt, Hopefully.

    1. True hope is part a realistic foreseeing of beneficial possibilities. It is to be distinguished from delusion.
      Anyone, it is not possible that no one will get hurt. See, people have already been hurt. Fast and Furious for sure, probably Benghazi. Then there are things like the economy, where culpability is harder to clearly trace. I’m going to ignore energy policy here.

  3. I was referring to when O’bama makes the mistake but yes the Progress Kentucky thing, Fast and Furious and all it’s little brothers, Benghazi, and even to some extent the Gosnell case are all examples of the same innate flaw of the Left. But when O’bama does something like one of these I think it’s going to be a real doozy. Currently I think the cake is baked and it will occur next year during the attempt to implement O’bancare.

    1. But when O’bama does something like one of these I think it’s going to be a real doozy.
      No, I think Obama will continue to get a free pass from the Accomplice Media no matter what he does. In fact, this four-year-old satire by The Onion is looking less and less ridiculous:,2703/ … We’ve already seen the media’s deliberate inattention in the Kermit Gosnell case.

  4. (as was possibly discussed in a shadowy December meeting that allegedly involved groups like Mother Jones and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics In Washington)
    This is a very interesting data point. Mother Jones led with the original hit piece, and CREW followed up immediately with the call to investigate McConnell for possible ethics violations (staffers doing political work on the clock). Coincidence, opportunism, or cooperation?
    The more I think about it, the third option is most likely – this was all a set-up, designed to create an ethics cloud. The subject matter was certainly OBE, she already decided not to run. I think they thought they could push a misuse of staffer thing, if nothing else.

  5. Herp the Media has the same flawed thought processes as the left i.e., they thought the Progress Kentucky thing would work to their advantage, until it blew up in their face. They thought ignoring the Gosnell trial would kill the story until it blew up in the face And left them looking like the PR department for the pro-abortion movement. Monday should be interesting they have to act like an old news organization would but they don’t want to much information to get and show exactly what kind of monster got produced by the abortion industry. That’s why they put off the story Till Monday they have to get together and get their stories straight. And you’ll notice neither Fast and Furious have completely died they are still circling around in the web popping up occasionally i.e., see the Ted Nugent interview with CNN from this past week.

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