A post that will probably make immediate sense to parents reading it…

…while still being able to be accessible to non-parents:

  • Bad news: my youngest still thinks that the best way to make it clear that he desires juice is to get the three gallon jug out of the fridge, lug it up the stairs, and plop it down in front of me while saying “Juice.”
  • Good news: at least now he’s shutting the goram fridge door behind him.

That’s it.

5 thoughts on “A post that will probably make immediate sense to parents reading it…”

  1. Heh. Guessing at the age, but .. by then, Junior Cat had figured out how to hunt and gather for himself.
    Getting strawberry jam (he opened the ‘fridge, took out and opened the jar without help ..) out of the (in hindsight, ill-advised) cream sofa was .. well, we finally gave up and bought a sofa cover.

    1. I should mention .. while he could reach the jam, he could not reach the silverware drawer.

  2. Honestly, he sounds like a pretty sharp cookie. He’s self-sufficient enough to get what he wants, but he’s smart enough to recognize that he needs help pouring it without making a mess. I’d probably tell him he’s a doing a good job, but he should also go get his glass.

  3. I assume the three gallon jug is within reach. Mine will go get the kitchen stools (which are just 2x4s on chair legs) and climb up as high as they can to get what they want. To this date, there have been no broken bones. Knock on wood.

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