Yeah, that Obamacare thing? …That’s maybe problematical for Democrats in 2014.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) I am weeping over this.  Really and truly: my eyes still burn with the angry residue of hot tears.

At Tuesday’s press conference, President Obama delivered an unfocused eight-minute defense of his central legislative accomplishment in office – the Affordable Care Act. In the face of intraparty criticism that implementation of his health care law will be a “train wreck,” new polls showing support for the law near all-time lows, and even the Democratic nominee in next week’s House special election calling the law “extremely problematic”– there’s plenty of evidence piling up to believe health care will be a political millstone for Democrats in 2014.

…No, wait, sorry.  The tears were actually from the Cheerio that I managed to somehow inhale earlier this evening, and then spent the next ten minutes trying to expel from my lungs.  The National Journal article is instead merely hysterical, in a distinctly anticipatory (not to say, predatory) sort of way.

My bad.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Yeah, that Obamacare thing? …That’s maybe problematical for Democrats in 2014.”

  1. How many problems are there? 1)Some people will have to quit working to be able to not make enough to qualify for “Free” health insurance. 2)There will very probably be an influx of new disability applications for children as parents try to make sure their kid is covered-are severe allergies a disability? 3)Many younger people will look at the costs for health insurance and decide to pay the penalty. 4)Many employers will move employees to part time to avoid the penalties for not covering them. 5)Estimates are as high as 50% that current coverage packages do not meet the minimum requirement for O’bamacare. 6)Just with some of our medical bills I am seeing a lagtime as long as 5 months between treatment and payment. Ramifications from these and other problems, this is by no means a comprehensive list, are going to have a negative affect on the stocks of Health Insurance companies and the companies that invested in them. It will also affect the profitability of Medical and Hospital groups. Not to mention those with decent jobs who suddenly find that healthcare has become unaffordable for them.
    I was just reading how Billionaires are starting to divest from American stocks, some believe we are approaching a possible correction in the market that may be as large as 90%. When congress critters start to worry about their aides quiting or not being able to afford health insurance it not going to be good fro the rest of us. It doesn’t look very probable that there will be a good outcome at this point.
    And there’s more to come anyone hear of someone working on the software for the exchanges, all 50 of them. I haven’t in fact as far as I know the regulations are still being written up. Which means they have 5 months to write the code and make it idiot proof. Less time to Beta test it and even less time to train “Navigators” who are supposed to help walk people thru the exchanges. By comparison a new computer game takes at least two years before it hits the stores
    As the joke goes “The good news is in the future we’ll have full employment, the bad news is all the jobs will be part time.”

  2. So if Jerry Sixpack wants to keep earning as much as his old hourly 40-a-week-with-some-overtime gig paid, and his manager has cut him to 25-hours-with-some-weeks-up-to-30, he has to find a new 20+-hour-a-week to augment his pay .. and it has to not conflict.
    Yeah, this is gonna suck for Jerry. Great job there, Barack!

    1. The Cheerio’s long since gone, but when I tried the technique it was… interesting. I’m going to try it, the next time I’m down with a cold.

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