QotD, That Angle Has Possibilities edition.

Hot Air, on the news that racist bigot (and campaign contributor to Elizabeth Colbert Busch?) Dick Harpootlian is trying to get out of his recnet xenophobic remarks about SC governor Nikki Haley by pretending that of course he meant Lexington County (only, Dick couldn’t remember which one at the time) all along:

I realize that Harpootian has found himself in a bit of hot water, and people in such positions tend to scramble to find a way out. But as “explanations” go, this has to be one of the weakest we’ve seen in a while. But on the plus side, the next time somebody makes a comment about where President Obama “is from” we can all just turn around and say, “he was talking about Hawaii, dummy.”

Works for me.  Hey, take it up with Dick Harpootlian.  Better yet, take it up with Elizabeth Colbert Busch: find out whether she really takes filthy racist money from bigots.