PPP: Nancy Pelosi is a horrible, dream-crushing albatross! …I paraphrase.

This is the most important point to note from PPP’s gulping report of a double-digit collapse of Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s chances in SC-01 (Mark Sanford went from -9 to +1 over Busch in two weeks, and the more Republican the likely voter electorate gets in the next two days, the better it looks for Sanford):

If SC-1 voters went to the polls on Tuesday and voted for the candidate they personally liked better, Colbert Busch would be the definite winner. That’s why Sanford’s campaign has tried to shift the focus toward national Democrats who are unpopular in the district, and that’s been a key in helping him to make this race competitive again. Nancy Pelosi has a 24/61 approval rating in SC-1 and although voters don’t like Sanford, they do like him better than Pelosi by a 53/37 margin. President Obama doesn’t fare a whole lot better in the district. His approval is 39/54, and voters say they have a higher opinion of Sanford than him by a 48/44 spread.

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The fascinating homemade Elizabeth Colbert Busch attack video.

So, I was explaining to my wife Yeah, this is about the time in a South Carolina election cycle where you expect this sort of thing to surface; and she interrupted me with a There’s a formally-designated time when you release the campaign mug shots of a candidate?  And I said If you actually have some?  Sure: Sunday night before the election sounds about right.  Because, obviously if they don’t have real photos then they save the fakes for the actual day of the election itself and blizzard the polling stations with them.  Welcome to South Carolina: here’s your accordion.

Anyway, below is a… well, we don’t know what it is, except that it certainly will not be on the airwaves in any way, shape, or form.  If you want to see it distributed, you’re just going to have to do it yourself.


A transcript cannot do this justice: suffice it to say that it features Elizabeth Colbert Busch, mugshots, Lizzie Borden, Kermit Gosnell, and Kermit T. Frog.  Watching it will either rekindle your faith in American democracy, or destroy it completely; I see no real middle ground.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The terrifying bit: it’ll probably move the needle for Mark Sanford a little.  If only because GOP voters really, really don’t like the way that Kermit Gosnell murdered all those babies (and sometimes, their mothers).

QotD, That Angle Has Possibilities edition.

Hot Air, on the news that racist bigot (and campaign contributor to Elizabeth Colbert Busch?) Dick Harpootlian is trying to get out of his recnet xenophobic remarks about SC governor Nikki Haley by pretending that of course he meant Lexington County (only, Dick couldn’t remember which one at the time) all along:

I realize that Harpootian has found himself in a bit of hot water, and people in such positions tend to scramble to find a way out. But as “explanations” go, this has to be one of the weakest we’ve seen in a while. But on the plus side, the next time somebody makes a comment about where President Obama “is from” we can all just turn around and say, “he was talking about Hawaii, dummy.”

Works for me.  Hey, take it up with Dick Harpootlian.  Better yet, take it up with Elizabeth Colbert Busch: find out whether she really takes filthy racist money from bigots.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch must explicitly repudiate Dick Harpootlian’s bigotry.

Background: “South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian, a trial lawyer, longtime Democratic leader, and legendary figure in local politics, reportedly told a South Carolina Democratic Party dinner [Friday night*] that the Democratic challenger would send “Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came from.”” Harpootlian, of course, has a history of these kinds of remarks: Continue reading Elizabeth Colbert Busch must explicitly repudiate Dick Harpootlian’s bigotry.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch: hating on South Carolinan manufacturing jobs?

That’s the conclusion that you have to draw from this report on South Carolinan candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D CAND, SC-01). I’m afraid to say:

As of March 2013, Colbert Busch has taken $26,000 from unions:


She took $5,000 from the Machinists Non Partisan Political League of The International Association of Machinists on March 15, 2013.

As Jim notes, the IAM was the group that tried to take away Boeing’s North Charleston manufacturing line; while the factory itself is not in the first Congressional District, that’s not going to be necessarily true of its workers. I certainly hope that Elizabeth Colbert Busch explains at some point why she thinks that it’s OK to take money from a group who wanted to help wreck the economy of the very district and state that she putatively* wishes to represent…

Moe Lane

*The truth is, of course, that the only people that Colbert Busch really wishes to represent are Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic liberals – a group that probably by now half-wishes that Sherman had had access to nukes.