My *guess* on SC-01 tonight.

Mark Sanford, by a bit.  This is frankly subjective, but I suspect that more people agree with me on this than let on: I’ve been reading a lot of ‘momentum swinging back to Sanford’ pieces by individuals and groups who aren’t particularly happy about that development.  Generally you’d be expecting more triumphalist posts by Democrats at this point if they thought that Elizabeth Colbert Busch was a shoo-in.  Or maybe even any.

This is a “If you put a gun to my head” kind of prediction, by the way: it’s hard to predict a special election result when there’s any kind of controversy and/or complication.  Which is why we have elections.  Anyway, I’d rather be the kind of person who will give an opinion when it means something even if it means being wrong every so often* than the kind who waits until the coast is clear and say I knew it all along.  What’s the freaking use of that?

Moe Lane

*“‘Every so often?'” “Hush, you.”

5 thoughts on “My *guess* on SC-01 tonight.”

  1. Eh. Santorum (erm, Sanford) is gonna be an albatross around the SC GOP if he wins, we’ll have to put up with an amazing amount of smug from Colbert’s bro if she wins.
    I don’t really see a winning scenario here, a “get rid of the garbage” campaign in 2014, targeting both Colbert and Lindsey Graham has some appeal … but I’m not sure that elevating Colbert to where *she* could challenge Graham is a good idea.

  2. Never fear, Eric Holder and the DOJ is in SC to “monitor” the special election. And if that doesn’t put the fear of God into you, nothing will.

  3. I’m just happy I don’t have to vote in that forsaken election. I normally want to look at myself in the mirror after I vote.

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