For the record: I think the WH is telling the Journolisters that Eric Holder is resigning.

It seems the most obvious move, and one that would justify getting these people physically at the White House itself.

Background here:

7 thoughts on “For the record: I think the WH is telling the Journolisters that Eric Holder is resigning.”

    1. I keep hearing rumblings that people keep telling Obama that Holder has to go. I’m also hearing rumblings that I’m spouting off nonsense, so it may not be as obvious as I think it is. 🙂

  1. I think they just don’t trust the White House with their phone numbers or email addresses anymore.

  2. Consider the modus operandi of Obama and his handlers. I think the JournoListas are being given dirt on the administration’s critics, and that there’s going to be an all-out effort to discredit anyone who calls out their lies. That includes in particular any Democrat politicians who might be tempted to assert their independence by calling for an investigation — they’ll be blackmailed to keep silent, and exposed if they don’t.
    And maybe they’ll eventually be exposed even if they do keep silent. Remember Bob Kerrey? Back in 1998 it looked like he was going to break ranks and call for Bill Clinton’s resignation … until he suddenly shut up. Then, after Clinton survived impeachment, the media somehow “broke the story” of Kerry and the Thanh Phong raid. That pretty much ended his career as an elected official. I’ve always wondered whether the Clintonistas ratted him out, partly as an object lesson to anyone else who might be tempted to go rogue, and partly just because they could.

  3. If the Journolisters were “invited” to the WH, then I think they are about to hear the same thing the black community heard three years ago…individual liberties (such as 1A rights of privacy) mean nothing in the face of the “fundamental transformation of America”. The admin will tell them to “stop whining” and “put on their marching shoes”.

    They can get on board on the transformation train…or else.

    It’s the new “American way” (i.e. the former Chicago way)

  4. I think they are there because at this point the White House needs some scape goats and the journolisters are being clued in on who they will be. My guess: Eric Holder (AP), Hillary Clinton (Benghazi) and the IRS I am not sure. Think they know, “low level employees going rogue” isn’t working this time.

    1. Given the articles today by Josh Marshall & Ezra Klein both writing essentially the same article on firing civil servants though it is hard (Lois Lerner), looks like I nailed it. The journalisties were at the White House to get the names of the scapegoats. I say this knowing a pat on the back is only a foot from a kick in the pants.

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